Private Sessions "LIVE" over Skype or FaceTime!


 Nutritional Program


I now teach online and it has made my lessons both more flexible and focused, you get my complete attention! The only requirements are: your desire/want & laptop or Smartphone with internet access to Skype or Facetime. You don't need any equipment to start but, it can be incorporated later on as an added benefit and I will guide you through this process.

American Martial Art

(Meet Michael /the Founder)

I'm now 50-years old! & the A.M.A. is a correlation of over thirty years of my life experiences as a boxer, trainer, author, nutritional consultant and yoga practitioner.

A.M.A. started in 2000 with my first book,

and has taken almost a decade to evolve

into a timeless "life system" that teaches us to be the best we can be at any age! I have knowledge to pass down to my younger

more aggressive students, and because

life is "dynamic," I have low impact maintenance strategies for my older

students regardless of what year is

attached to their name!

 Nutrition & American Martial Art programs 

Food of today can sustain life, but it

does not support health!

My nutritional program doesn’t slow you down with calorie counting charts, points or weighing of food.  It starts with the

foods you are already eating. I don’t just make nutritional recommendations; I help you understand why I made them so you can make them on your own. Everything is backed by science and my personal experiences  of perfecting an on going healthy, personalized way of eating .